About Us


I was born in D.C. and have lived in Fort Washington my whole life (minus the 5 months I lived in Florence, Italy and 10 months in Virginia Beach, VA). I have an incredible tight-knit family. Ever since I was 7, I was involved in Couples for Christ Family Ministries with my family, which then helped me discover my love and call to service; it’s also where I eventually met Jonathan at 13 years old (I was on the service team at his first youth camp!). I always have the travel bug, enjoy art and design, window shopping at antique shops, live jazz, independent bookstores and coffeeshops, the great outdoors, and discovering new ways of falling in love with Christ. I currently work as a campus minister at a Catholic high school in Alexandria. When I’m not doing ministry, I do what I can to keep my interior design roots alive. I’m a die hard Washington Redskins fan. My betrothed, however, is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. We prove to the world that unconditional love truly does exist.

Hello! I was born in Norfolk, VA and grew up in the Hampton Roads area, kind of. My parents were in the military so we ended up living in Italy for about 6 years. We came back when I was in 2nd grade and have been living here since. I ‘grew’ up in Virginia Beach then moved to Chesapeake, VA where my parents live now. I was influenced heavily by video games, sports, and playing outside, especially basketball. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in History and I now reside in the DMV area and work as a teacher at St. Luke’s Catholic School. I met Fatima when we were about 13 years old and it’s been amazing and crazy relationship since. I love all sports and video games. I love the Dallas Cowboys, Yankees, Manchester United, and of course the LA Lakers! I enjoy time with my closest friends and family and love our Holy Mother Church, most of all. What a fun ride this has been and can’t wait to start my life with my future bride! WOO!